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Diverse Learning Environments


The infant/toddler room is full of discovery. Children have the ability to choose their activity and choose if they wish to sit in circle time or play something else. The shelves are regularly rotated with different toys and our care staff and educators play with the kids and the toys showing them different places their imagination can take them. Educators are not afraid to get messy. Finger painting and water toys are all part of the fun of exploration. And they are definitely not afraid of making noise especially when exploring music and playing marching band.

Music sets the mood, and when the lullabies are playing, the children know that its quiet time and it means someone is napping. 

For toddlers, this is the transition period between infant and preschool. Children will be introduced to a variety of preschool activities and Montessori and lessons to bridge the gap between 2 and 3 faster!



The preschool room is the room of variety. From the variation in age groups to the variation of activities, it is the place where things are always happening. Children from ages 2.5 to 5 will never be bored. Yes, that is right. There will be some toddlers within the preschool room. It is amazing how quick toddlers learn when they are no longer the oldest kids in the room. Their language skills flourish and their independence grows in leaps and bounds. The older preschoolers learn patience and compassion and are able to coach their younger peers. Students in this classroom are taught daily with Montessori lessons and Reggio Emilia lessons. Students have Orff music sessions, French language lessons, and learn mathematics, fundamentals of reading, chemistry, botany, languages, art, and much more.


Our part time kindergarten care program is designed for kids attending public school in alternating days kindergarten and parents who need full time care for their little learners. Space is subject to the availability of a reciprocating alternative school day space. Students have daily Montessori and Reggio Emilia lessons, and daily French or Music classes.

Before or After Care

Before Care is available starting at
6:45am and After Care is available from
Breakfast snack is provided for the Before Program, and homework help for After Care. We have a great selection of library books as well as technology games, art atelier, and toys like fidgets, Lego, Dominos and other building blocks, and toys for imaginative play.

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