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Fun & Creativity & Learning 

All Mixed Together

Our curriculum mixes everything together for a full learning experience. To give you an example of the pedagogy we follow, let's take a unit on frogs for example:

Pencils Icon


Use oil pastels to draw tadpoles and then water paints to colour the background. The water based paints do not mix with the oil pastels tadpoles and create a realistic swamp water look.

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5 little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log, eating the most delicious bugs

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Let's create a dance for the song "5 Little Speckled Frogs."

ABC Cubes


Learn new vocabulary like morph, amphibian. Learn rhyming words for cool and pool.

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Practice counting backwards from 5. Use fine motor skills and little toy frogs to represent the verses of the songs.

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Outside Play

We can hear frogs on our nature hike.

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