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A Reggio Emilia Approach 

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Have peace of mind knowing your baby is in our care. Your child is developing in many ways. We are here to help him or her reach milestones like potty-training, large and fine motor skills, and the communication skills.

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Our preschool program combines daily routine with Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Our days are full with dramatic play, diving into nature and science, and the fundamentals needed to learn reading and math.

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Part time kindergarten is available for alternating school day schedule! Have peace of mind knowing that your child has full time care on all school days (not including in-service days).

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Before and After

Our before and after care program come with a curriculum! Yes, we plan on using this time for homework help and learning new skills! 

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Our Approach

Inspired by Reggio Emilia philosophy, Bright Tikes believes in a child centered approach of exploration, discovery, and play! What does that mean? It means to learn it you gotta jump right in. It's about our caregivers and educators pivoting to provide a curriculum that is designed to what the child wants to learn all the while ensuring kids learn large and fine motor skills, hands on mathematics, and the fundamentals of reading and language through music and art.

What Parents Think

"Suki is absolutely patient. Her organizational skills have always inspired me. She has the most wonderful skills in teaching kids."

Jiasi, Julia's Mom